engineering the future of healthcare

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing diagnostics and patient risk assessment. Discovery Genomics applies AI to process complex, genomic datasets in combination with an individual’s health records and historical Medicare claims data to paint a picture of each patient’s healthcare needs.

Our unique approach expands AI technologies, combining machine learning with artificial, neural networks to offer scientifically-based predictions thereby enabling providers to optimize treatment decisions.


Moreover, our proprietary approach is adaptable to a variety of clinical settings, allowing each hospital or clinic to modify its application to meet the needs of their particular population

With our ever-expanding bio-bank, Discovery Genomics is helping to crack the code of many diseases, aligning treatment plans to an individual’s DNA.

combining Artificial intelligence & medicine

There are many processes that must occur to ensure that a person will receive the care that they need.

Gathering of data through visits and lab tests

Processing and analyzing gathered data

Using multiple sources of data to come to an accurate diagnosis

Establishing an appropriate treatment method

Administering & delivering the chosen treatment

Continuous patient monitoring

Aftercare, Home care, follow-up visits


Integration of genomics in the field of personalized medicine enables an in-depth analysis
that helps providers navigate complex healthcare decisions - precision medicine.

Discovery Genomics transforms patient care and advances research
with insights from genetic analysis, big data, and deep learning.

Discovery Genomics stores patient data in a secure, consolidated, structured approach that integrates our clients’ information across multiple sources. The integration of genomics into the field of medicine enables an in-depth analysis that helps providers navigate complex healthcare decisions, enabling a personalized approach to care.

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