engineering the future of healthcare

Artificial Intelligence (Ai) is revolutionizing diagnostics. In genomics, Ai algorithms known as machine learning and deep learning are used to process large and complex genomic datasets in combination with electronic records, claims, and other laboratory data.
This new approach expands upon Ai technologies, combining machine learning
with artificial neural networks that can make predictions
which guide and optimize treatment decisions.
We use advanced supercomputing hardware, Ai algorithms, and massive amounts of genetic and clinical data to unlock the secrets of the human blueprint. How cool is that?

Because the deep-learning framework is adaptable to different clinical care settings,
each hospital or clinic can modify the model to best fit available datasets and tailor it to its specific patient population. Not only does the model customize treatment therapies for individual patients, but it can also adjust its structure for the unique patient populations in each care setting.

With a growing biobank and related patient data, we are cracking the code to treatment alignment. Breakthroughs in biotechnology and genomics research offer hope and transform patient’s lives.

combining Artificial intelligence & medicine

Ai in medicine is used in both the diagnosis and treatment of patients who require personalized care.
While diagnosis and treatment may seem like simple steps, there are many processes that must take place in order for a patient to be well taken care of.

Gathering of data through visits and lab tests

Processing and analyzing gathered data

Using multiple sources of data to come to an accurate diagnosis

Establishing an appropriate treatment method

Administering & delivering the chosen treatment

Continuous patient monitoring

Aftercare, Home care, follow-up visits


Integration of genomics in the field of personalized medicine enables an in-depth analysis
that helps providers navigate complex healthcare decisions - precision medicine.

Discovery Genomics transforms patient care and advances research
with insights from genetic analysis, big data, and deep learning.

Data subscription services

In 2022, we plan to further develop the opportunity for collaboration
on scientific research through data subscription services.

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